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Client List

Fasttrax is a tool that helps truck drivers chain up their trucks in 1/3 of the time.  Time is money in the trucking industry and this product will revolutionize the way truckers look at trucking.  With this product BLO developed the name, tagline, website, all of the marketing materials along with the ads.  The overall branding, marketing and sales plans were created by BLO which have been praised by industry professionals.  

- BLO organized a 3D shoot that involved various sponsors and allowed for 3DMI to gain some valuable footage and also make headway into being in the forefront of 3D hunting shoots.  The shoot was a Pheasant Hunt shot with guides and dogs.  The sponsorships included Browning and Basin Family Pharmacy.  The results were astounding as 3DMI was able to capture great footage that will be used as stock footage and as a promotional video in 3D to shop around to other companies.  BLO facilitated and participated in the shoot.

 - Acting as the Marketing Manager and Brand Manager, BLO prepared this product for launch. SootheMD is an all natural chicken flavored immune support.  BLO developed this brand with a target market in sight and successfully hit the mark.  The SootheMD was placed in the celebrity gift bags at the Sundance Film Festival which is another testament of the strength of the brand.  This is a perfect of example of a brand that BLO developed from inception to launch.  See the website (here).

- BLO created and organized Huge Mountain Skiers as an organization of of like minded individuals who enjoy the mountain and attack the outdoors.  BLO created the overall brand, name, tagline, mission statement and organized the overall campaign.    It's a fun group and everyone gets along  and doesn't take things too seriously.  For the most part everyone has nicknames which ads to the mystique and fun of the group.  All of this is part of the brand that BLO created for Huge Mountain Skiers. (See website click here)

- BLO successfully wrote and executed a professional street/guerrilla marketing program for the Warren Miller company.  Wintervention was an incredible success along the Wasatch Front thanks in part to the marketing efforts of BLO.  To view the marketing plan click here.

- Steel Horse Smiles was a campaign designed and executed by BLO.  The Humanitarian Endeavors Foundation engaged BLO to create a brand, a campaign, and a marketing plan in order to raise $50K for efforts to offer dental care for underserved areas in Utah.  The campaign was a success with people donating money and in turn received the opportunity to win a Steel Horse worth $25K.  The campaign raised$55K.  BLO created the name, logo, the tagline, and all other marketing and advertising material.  For a look at the campaign poster click here.

- Through a complete re-brand revitalization, BLO identified target markets, increased sales and gave an overall brand face-lift.  The company now has a distinguished look along with a great story to tell.
-Basin Family Pharmacy was functioning and running just fine but needed something to give it an identity.  With a tagline, a catchphrase and a branding overhaul the pharmacy continues to be the leading pharmacy in its market by a long shot.  With a catered message to the target demographic the pharmacy reaches revenue highs each year.
- As part of an in school project, Cisco utilized BLO to help re-brand their jobs and recruiting website.  BLO helped with changes that included a name change from jobs to careers, navigation of website, career fair recruiting booth, HR clothing, verbiage used, and image focused on recruiting target market.  The overhaul gave Cisco a unique perspective into what the market was demanding.
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