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Bear's Company and Bio

What does it mean to be Bear's company? 

It's not that simple, Ryan aka Bear Luke has created a unique brand with Bear Luke Outfitters because of the offerings.  Under the umbrella of BLO the company has various sides to it besides its core branding, much like Ryan's personality (more on that below in Ryan's bio). 

As Ryan's company it serves as the home for Ryan's works as an author, artist, and inventor.

Literature by Ryan:

The Alpha Animal: Where America Went Soft (Now Available!)
How do we expect to progress in society when we are now accepting things our forefathers would never imagine?  This book looks at the various ways that we have become soft as a society and how destructive it is to our progress.  Ryan analyzes and gives social commentary in this fun read.  If you believe in America, Masculinity, Courage and a better tomorrow you need to read the book!

Ryan's Bio:

Ryan was born in Idaho and raised in Utah so he carries duel citizenship.  Raised in rural Utah he grew to love the outdoors and the survival aspect of it.  As a country boy he also became incredibly self reliant and developed a "can-do-anything" attitude. 

Ryan played all the sports he could in high school and was an avid Scouter and outdoorsman earning his Eagle Scout award by age 14.

Ryan attended various colleges including: SUU, UVSC (now UVU), BYU, Utah and earned a bachelors of arts degree in Linguistics focusing on cultural and geographic linguistics.

He lived in Brazil in Sao Paolo for two years as a missionary for his church and learned to speak Portuguese and Spanish fluently.  He later picked up Arabic working for a U.S. Government agency.

A citizen of the world and very astute to cultures and nuances Ryan attended Thunderbird and received his MBA from there.  A great experience due to the 50% of the student population being foreign nationals, Ryan has sought out and done international marketing work for various companies including a 222 point diagnostic for western universities to gain entrance into foreign countries.

Ryan loves the outdoors and has experienced incredible adventures ranging from whitewater rafting in Idaho to skiing in Dubai.  He loves the mountains, has guided on hunts, horseback trips, and climbed various peaks.  He is a waterbaby and loves wake surfing, wakeboarding, playing in the ocean, and spear fishing.  Living in Utah he absolutely loves to ski and can be found getting some first turns on powder days in the Wasatch Mountains.

He lives for adventures and has worked hard to include this aspect of his life in his work.  He has worked for a marketing company, an investment banking firm, a government agency.  Ryan has consulted for a Fortune 500 company and worked for another one.  All of this has brought an incredibly diverse background that allows Ryan to view projects and problems from different angles. 

Ryan focuses mainly on outdoors, hunting products, and adventure related products but also has experience in consumer package goods, sports, and tech branding.

An author and an artist Ryan strives to be the most well rounded he can be and bring that insight into his work. He has a goal to be a true Renaissance Man or become the new Most Interesting Man in the World (A truly amazing campaign!)  He's married to his wonderful wife (Christi) and has a dog named Layla.

Contact Bear

If  you want to chat w/ Ryan/Bear drop him a line here and he'll get back to you as soon as he can.  He's probably off doing something really cool.  If you'd like to be part of the next adventure let him know!

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