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What is Bear Luke Outfitters?

A Company.
  • Bear Luke Outfitters (BLO) is a branding and marketing company focusing on the outdoors and hunting industries.   BLO has a strong knowledge of adventure branding and co-branding.
  • BLO also is involved in sports and consumer packaged goods marketing.
  • It is a company that can help monetize ideas and adventures.
  • A diverse company that serves as an adventure company, an outfitter, and a creative center for art and literature.
  • Bear Luke Outfitters is also a publishing company that focuses on all things Patriotic, Courageous, Masculine, and Faith Promoting.
An Idea.
  • It is a thought leader in branding innovation in the outdoor market.
  • BLO has a strong background in creative and content.
  • Bear Luke Outfitters focuses on WOMM (word of mouth marketing) and its importance.
  • BLO is a strong advocate of the user's voice and how it influences marketing decisions.
An Adventure.
  • BLO field tests, demos, and serves as an independent voice for brands and products all while enjoying the outdoors.
  • As a citizen of the world and an experienced jetsetter BLO brings a unique prospective on marketing trends and world thoughts.
  • By experiencing the adventures first hand, BLO has insight to consumer demands.
Latest News:

7/27/2012 The Alpha Animal: Where America Went Soft is published!  Ryan's first book focuses on Patriotism, Courage, and Masculinity.  Order your copy today! Visit website here.
11/18/11 4th knee surgery, Microfracture, this time on the left knee... Trochlea Groove.  Down but not out.

6/21/11 BLO launches retail site www.parasurvivalshop.com

6/7/11 BLO blog is featured is linked from another blog see here.

6/2/11 Bear is out for a while he had knee surgery, Microfracture in the Trochlea Groove, 3rd one same place. 

2/27/11 BLO in Media: BLO just finished filming a 3D pheasant hunt with 3DMI.  Read the article here. 
Contact information:

Bear Luke Outfitters

Ryan Luke

Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: 801.449.0742
Skype: ryanjluke
email: ryan@bearlukeoutfitters.com
Bear Luke Outfitters Blog (Click Here)
This is an important link to updates on the latest marketing and branding trends for outdoor products and sports.  It has ideas and opinions on outdoors/sports/cpg marketing.  Ryan is a thought leader in outdoor and sports marketing so check it often and follow it.
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